Sanding & Polishing

Sanding & Polishing
Sanding-&-PolishingFloor sanding and polishing also include tinting, staining, renovation of your floors, removal of old finishing, resending or recoiling the remade decking areas etc. With extensive experience in sanding and polishing services we provide outstanding wear resistance and naturally beautiful timber floor provided by our specialized work power. We best assure that your work will receive individual attention at the economical price.

Dust removal
Dust is the major issue in the floor sanding industry. We possess the modern dust free apparatus with excellent sanding tools. Our sanding services are customizable. We recommend to seal the cupboards and the around areas if feasible. Prior to implement the floor finish, window sills and skirts are sanded before vacuum cleaning. It ensures the air flow while drying the color and prevents dust to enter into the finish. Hence offers dust free space.

The aesthetically polished floors enhance value and live new life in your home. We can strip an already done finish and produce an extremely soothing and fresh surface within a short interval of time. No matter what is the size of your home floor, we provide dust free area with personal protection.

Our sanders are completely equipped with all standard and advanced sanding and polishing tools and equipments such as tape, heavy duty sheets, sandpapers, rags, scraper, putty knife, vacuum cleaner, screwdriver, belt sander, hammer, masking tape, sanding block etc. Our fully trained and experienced sanders provide the highly satisfactory performance in cleaning your floor and providing it long lasting look. Hence you can save money from replacement of flooring and enjoy good looking floors for generations.