Parquetry Flooring

Parquetry Flooring
Parquetry-FlooringParquetry flooring offers decorative appearance. The major applications of parquetry are veneer patterns on furniture and block patterns for floors. They are fully geometrical and angular such as square, triangle and lozenge. The famous parquet flooring design is herringbone.
Timber color and grain contrasts for example oak, walnut, cherry, lime, maple are used and these are costly options and in few options tropical hardwoods are also employed. Bamboo is also another popular flooring material in the modern time.

Parquet floors offer prolong service without requiring maintenance. Separated planks can be rejoined. Such floors are often seen in living rooms and hallways. These are a better option than typical floor tiles. Parquet floors are inexpensive, beautiful and adorable. These can be classic to vivid depending on your choice. These are aesthetically appealing and warm. However parquetry flooring has been traditionally used to develop elegant floors in the homes, these are still in trends because of their outstanding looks, beauty and wear resistance properties.

Mosaic parquetry stands for generations and remain in your home as a masterpiece. There are unlimited options available in terms of patterns, borders, timber types, shades and finishes. These can be tailor made to meet the individual needs of your home or office.
Mosaic parquetry is constructed of small solid wood planks in square panels as per the design of customer’s choice. These provide original appearance and attribute strips.

Customers can choose dazzling, specific floor designs or select from the huge selection of premade designs. From the conventional parquetry, you can choose any design.
Parquetry timber is introduced in two types, standard and natural grade. Natural grade offers floor with natural charm and elegance. Classic timber offers exotic, soft and more official appearance.
Parquetry flooring is very easy to keep clean and maintain. Installation is really timeless.